An old union

When Scotland and England met

By John Scott | September 19, 2014


Carefully carved on this slab of granite in Dumfriesshire, on the Solway Firtth, are the following words.

Formed from an enormous blob of molten rock, this granite may have been created when continents collided and Scotland and England were united. Trapped beneath the earth's surface it cooled down to become a hard silver grey stone that stands the test of time. Quarried nearby, the granite was used to build Liverpool docks and can be seen on the clock-tower of Creetown.

A reader's chance encounter when taking a spin by the seaside on Scottish Referendum Day.

The lady at the Creetown petrol station remarked: ‘Better the deil you know that the deil don't know’. It appears she was not alone.

And those puzzled by the issues might take a look at this.

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