Goodbye Berkin

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | March 13, 2014

Our hearts go out to Berkin Elvan’s family. Since Tuesday, the streets of Istanbul have been filled with people mourning his death: whether peacefully protesting or putting a carnation in water. Berkin’s funeral was yesterday. Thousands of people turned up to pay their respects. Police also joined in with gas canisters. No lesson, it seems, has been learned and there are reports that two people have subsequently died

Above is a video paying tribute to Berkin – Aziz Nesin’s words sung wistfully by Grup Yorum. Video courtesy of Yürek Çağrısı.

‘Öyle bir ağlasam,
Öyle bir ağlasam ki çocuklar,
Size hiç gözyaşı kalmasa.

Öyle bir aç kalsam,
Öyle bir aç kalsam ki çocuklar,
Size hiç açlık kalmasa.

Öyle bir ölsem,
Öyle bir ölsem ki çocuklar,
Size hiç ölüm kalmasa.’

(roughly in English)

If I could weep,
If I could weep, children,
Then no tears would be left for you

If I could starve,
If I could starve, children,
Then no hunger would be left for you.

If I could die,
If I could die, children,
Then no death would be left for you.’

Main photo courtesy of Bugün (

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