The countdown begins

By Thomas Roueche | August 13, 2012

At Cornucopia we are waiting with bated breath for September 22, when the new Galleries of Islamic Art will open at the Louvre in Paris. Considering that this is the first architectural intervention made to the Louvre since IM Pei’s famous pyramids, this is huge news even for those unfazed by the Louvre’s incredible collection – some of which has been in Paris since Napoleon's time.

The undulating golden veil that lies over the Cour Visconti is currently visible from the Salle de la Joconde. Designed by the Italian architects M Bellini and R Ricciotti, the aim is to let light through to the space below, creating the ambience of an open-air museum. Unlike the rather more rigid spaces at the newly opened Islamic galleries at the Met, New York, the curators have designed a grand historical narrative, sweeping through the huge spaces under the golden roof. All in all enough to make you count down the days…

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