Sense and sensibility

The very graphic posters of Yurdaer Altıntaş

By Berrin Torolsan | April 24, 2015

For an immensely satisfying and perfectly formed exhibition, I urge readers to visit Yurdaer Altıntaş's 80th birthday show at the Işık Gallery in Teşvikiye (closes April 30). Altıntaş, born in Kars to a Turkish officer of Cretan extraction and a Polish mother, is one of the fathers of modern Turkish...
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The human face of war

Gallipoli Art Prize

By Victoria Khroundina | April 23, 2015

The very first blog I wrote for Cornucopia two years ago was on the Gallipoli Art Prize. And now on the Gallipoli Campaign’s centenary and the prize’s tenth and final instalment, it feels fitting and somehow bitter-sweet to report on it again.  The winner and runners-up were announced yesterday. There...
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Black-diamond time

The Anatolian truffle season

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | April 22, 2015

A slightly sniffy email yesterday from our friend David Barchard, in the heart of Cappadocia. ‘One stall was selling a box of little things that looked a bit like small potatoes in the market today,’ he writes. ‘I asked what they were and was told they were called ‘keme’. It...

Gallery walkabout: Karaköy/Tophane

Techniques versus mediums

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | April 20, 2015

This week we’re in Karaköy/Tophane, the city’s undisputed gallery hub, for a diverse walk exploring both serious and lighter topics. Onur Gülfidan, ‘Knock on wood’, 2015, 120 x 120 cm ONUR GÜLFIDAN’S SLEIGHT OF HAND Let’s start on Mumhane Caddesi, running parallel to the main drag, Kemeraltı Caddesi, where the...
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Selim III’s gift to the Tiger of Mysore

Looted booty from India at Bonhams

By Roger Williams | April 16, 2015

A beautiful Ottoman horse’s bridle of red morocco and gilt brass is part of the spring sale of Islamic and Indian Art at Bonhams New Bond Street on April 21. It was a gift from Ottoman Sultan Selim III to the brilliant Tipu Sultan, ‘the Tiger of Mysore’. The sale...

The writing on the stone

‘A Gigantic Jigsaw Puzzle: The Epicurean Inscription of Diogenes of Oinoanda’

By Victoria Khroundina | April 16, 2015

Archaelogy lovers, this might be of interest. We received an email from Professor Martin Ferguson Smith via the Anglo-Turkish Society alerting us that a short film shot at the archaeological site of Oinoanda (close to Fethiye) is now available to watch on YouTube (where would we be without it). ‘Oinoanda’s...
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Istanbul film festival woes: bureaucracy or censorship?

By Victoria Khroundina | April 14, 2015

If you’ve been following the blog you will know that Istanbul is the throes of its annual film festival. Its 34th, in fact, so things have been going well. Until now. On Sunday I had an email from the festival’s organisers, the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV for...

Gallery walkabout: Beşiktaş

Journeys taken

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | April 13, 2015

For our walk this week we are in Beşiktaş, where most of the galleries are offering solo shows, with two group exhibitions in the mix. Don’t underestimate this humble neighbourhood – it is home to some of the best galleries in the city. Esin Turan, ‘May 1st, 2013’, 2013, mixed...
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A man of vision: Kamil Şükûn, founder of the Istanbul Recitals concert series

By John Scott | April 12, 2015

Mehmet Kamil Şükûn (1948–2015) The Istanbul Recitals is a monthly series of tip-top recitals by fabulously talented musicians from San Francisco to Beijing, a shining light on the Bosphorus, and one with a large, loyal and discerning following. Sadly, we have lost the man who started it all. All our...

Put your best foot forward

The ‘Shoes’ exhibition at Sadberk Hanım Museum

By Victoria Khroundina | April 10, 2015

The current exhibition on at the Sadberk Hanım Museum gives visitors a slice of Ottoman life – more specifically, what the Ottomans wore on their feet. Well-laid out over three rooms, visitors can get up close to the magnificent selection of 127 shoes, slippers, boots and clogs, made in bold...
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The dust bites another one

The ongoing destruction of Turkey’s coastline

By Victoria Khroundina | April 9, 2015

Another beauty spot that was. Photos this morning from an activist Facebook site (one the authorities would no doubt love to shut down). They show the ongoing destruction of Güvercinlik Cove on the Bodrum peninsula. Eight years ago, a fire swept through the area in suspicious circumstances, destroying acres of...
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Gallery walkabout: Nişantaşı

Art for the home

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | April 6, 2015

On the second part of our Nişantaşı walk we visit another six galleries offering solo shows of artists working in the disciplines of painting, sculpture, photography and design. Up for grabs are elegant wood sculptures, abstract mixed media on wood, unusual interior products and more. The seventh and final stop is...
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It’s film festival time

Highlights of the 34th Istanbul Film Festival

By Victoria Khroundina | April 2, 2015

My favourite time of the year – Istanbul Film Festival time – is almost here! For two whole weeks, cinephiles can binge on more than 200 films from 62 countries, screened at nine cinemas, with the festival delivering yet another scintillating programme for its 34th year. Here’s a round-up of...
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Gallery walkabout: Nişantaşı

Art for the wall

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | March 30, 2015

In this first section of our two-part Nişantaşı walk we visit six galleries hosting solo and group shows, comprising painting, photography and mixed media works. Franz Ackermann, ‘Bohol’, 2012, mixed media on dibond, 195 x 150 cm GROUP EXHIBITION Let’s start on Abdi İpekçi Caddesi, where Dirimart at No 7...
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The body in time

Ali Kazma’s ‘Timemaker’ at ARTER

By Victoria Khroundina | March 25, 2015

Unlike the majority of ARTER’s exhibitions, Ali Kazma’s timemaker doesn’t immediataely draw you in off the street. And that is because, unlike Marc Quinn’s show with his giant shell sculpture, or the Füsun Onur retrospective with her ‘Mirrored Labyrinth’ piece – both of which pieces were plainly visible through the gallery's top-to-floor glass...
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An orgy of destruction

By John Scott | March 25, 2015

The scale of destruction is simply jawdropping. To learn more about the horrors inflicted so far on the Belgrade Forest, visit the Northern Forests Defence association (Kuzey Ormanlari Savunması, or KOS) press conference in Karaköy on March 26. It takes place at 11.30 in the Istanbul Mimarlar Odası (Chamber of...

Gallery walkabout: back in Beyoğlu

Widen your imagination

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | March 23, 2015

On part 2 of our Beyoğlu walk, we visit galleries, museums and art institutions from Tünel to Cihangir which are hosting assorted solo and group shows. Many of the exhibitions are highly conceptual, and some are unusual – viewers are advised to approach them with an open mind. Ayline Olukman, ‘Stairway’, 2015,...
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Yaşar Kemal, a writer’s hero

By Victoria Khroundina | March 20, 2015

Joobin Bekhrad’s moving tribute to Yaşar Kemal in Reorient magazine perfectly encapsulates the legacy the novelist left not only within Turkey’s literary history, but for storytelling in general. Bekhrad lovingly calls Kemal, who passed away last month, a ‘hero’. Writing the piece in his Toronto apartment, Bekhrad is surrounded by Kemal’s...
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Gallery walkabout: Beyoğlu

A series concentration

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | March 16, 2015

On the first leg of our two-part Beyoğlu walk, we visit galleries from all corners of the neighbourhood, from Tünel to Cihangir, stopping off at a famous building packed with galleries, the Mısır Apartment (above). Erol Eskici, ‘Nostomania’, 2014 EROL ESKICI’S NOSTOMANIA Let’s start at the Tünel end of Istiklâl...
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Inside story: Cappadocia part 2

A journey through Turkish homes

By Lynn Gilbert | March 13, 2015

In this blog series, the photographer Lynn Gilbert takes us on a journey through Turkish homes. The above room is housed in a stately old mansion situated on a treacherously steep cobblestone road in Ürgüp, Cappadocia. Built of large stone blocks, with an overhanging upper storey and small balcony, its...
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