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Some USA Stories

September 12, 2013 – October 12, 2013

Dirimart Nişantaşı, Abdi İpekçi Caddesi No. 7/4, Nişantaşı

Argentinian artist Fabian Marcaccio’s solo exhibition explores the dark side of the USA with massive acrylic and silicon reinterpretations of leading figures. First exhibited in 2012 at the Kunstmuseum Krefeld, the series attempts to comment on American society and economy by presenting the archetypes of America – the Hollywood star, the soldier, the prisoner – that look both specific and impersonal at the same time. Which Hollywood diva is that in the pink dress? Are those prisoners from Guantanamo Bay? These are the questions the viewer feels compelled to ask.

Marcaccio is one of the leading artists of the ‘Paintant’ form, which takes its name from a combination of ‘painting’ and ‘mutant’. The style combines digitally-manipulated imagery, sculptural form, three-dimensionally painted surfaces and the use of different materials (Marcaccio mostly uses silicon, acrylic and rope). Click here for a video of the artist discussing this series.

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