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The Enlightened World of Beethoven

December 17, 2020 – February 17, 2021

Join the world in a musical celebration of the 250th birth year of Ludwig van Beethoven, born December 16th, 1770.

Goethe-Institut Ankara is hosting an 8 part concert series in honour of the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth in collaboration with Classical Keyifler Music Association, Ada Music, Chamber Music Exchange, Üçhan Sanat Production and Last Penny.

This concert series ranges from Beethoven’s first chamber music works he wrote for strings and piano, which were published when he was Haydn’s student in Vienna, to his experimental and innovative later works. Although the concert titles are generally inspired by Beethoven’s character traits, these titles are not intended to describe a complex and indescribable artist like Beethoven. Since Beethoven himself played most of these works as a pianist at concerts with his friends, this collection of piano chamber music literature can offer a beautiful and intimate view into Beethoven’s world.

The concerts will be recorded without an audience at the Goethe-Institut hall in Ankara and will be available on their website for two months starting from December 17th.

Please click here for the programme catalogue.

This event was organized by Ellen Jewett, founder and co-art director of Classical Keyifler Music Association and M. Gökhan Bağcı, the co-director.

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