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Turkish Kayak Tour 2022

1250 miles unsupported by kayak from Istanbul to Samandağ, Hatay

May 2, 2023
6 pm (UK time)

Anglo-Turkish Society,

The presentation will cover the tale of my 1250 mile unsupported kayak tour from Kilyos, Istanbul to Samandağ, Hatay from July to September 2022. Themes will include: overview details of the route (distances covered, route chosen, sights seen, favourite section), highlights (many!), daily routine, main challenges, technical details of long crossings (eg. Marmara Ereğlisi to Marmara Adası 27 miles), passage planning, navigation, logistical challenges, comparing the experience with previous British trips, camp sites, history with a focus on Greek and Roman ruins, Ataturk celebrations, notable excursions, hospitality enjoyed, local food and fruit eaten and seen on route, nature and agriculture along the coast, and future kayak trips (Karadeniz).

Registration is essential.

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