Without Sleep/Uyumadan

September 12, 2013 – October 12, 2013

Ayşegül Kırmızı is an artist known for highlighting feminine qualities such as softness, sentimentality, obstinacy and strength, and she paints singular female figues in ethereal fairy-tale settings.

In her new series Without Sleep, the artist continues her fascination with the subject matter and this time explores the roles of women throughout history. Using the female figures, the artist expresses the feminine world, which has been seen as sacred since Adam and Eve, and all its associated factors: sexuality, motherhood, family and the fulfilment of modern life requirements.

The artist is also interested in the human–animal relationship and in her piece ‘Hopes’ (below), she breaks away from her tradition of singular female figures as she presents two female figures alongside the most trusted of family pets, a dog. Kırmızı’s work has a quiet beauty but her intentions would have more power if her female figures were more representative in terms of ethnicity, age and positions in life.

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