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Anna Laudel Contemporary

Bankalar Caddesi No. 10, Karaköy, Beyoğlu

Tues–Sat: 12.00–19.00; Sun: 12.00–18.00; Closed Mon

A 10-minute walk downhill from either İstiklâl Caddesi or the Şişhane metro station. Or a five-minute walk via Bankalar Caddesi from the Karaköy tram stop.

Art350 has a new name, Anna Laudel Contemporary, and a new, five-storey space on Bankalar Caddesi, a grand street that was once the cornerstone of commercial life in Istanbul. Founded by Anna Laudel in 2012, the gallery began as a meeting point for art lovers on the Asian side and has now expanded into a larger platform that aims to strengthen ties between contemporary artists in Turkey and abroad.

The gallery is under the directorship of Ferhat Yeter, who will oversee the exhibitions programme as well as organising public art discussions, workshops and interdisciplinary readings. An artist residency programme will also be launched.

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