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Why Gezi?

By Cornucopia Blog | June 18, 2013

Forgetting the wider political issues for a moment, and the huge worldwide sympathy for the Taksim Park protestors, it is worth recalling the original reason for the protest.

A notice put up by the Şişli Environment Platform during the occupation concerns the redevelopment of the Ali Sami Yen stadium in Istanbul's Mecidiyeköy district after Galatasaray Football Club relocated. Mecidiyeköy was once famous for its vineyards and mulberries. It is now a classic concrete jungle, without a stitch of park, better known for its ringroad flyover and traffic jams.

We wanted Ali Sami Yen to be a Park

We challenged it in court; it was decided to halt construction.

People close to the Prime Minister took over the construction.

Three months later, the same court – the same judges – overturned its own decision to halt construction.

Although the case is ongoing, construction has restarted and is continuing.

We share this since it may throw light on our Gezi Park struggle.

The President has announced a moratorium on 'all projects'. Is there hope for the Ali Sami Yen Park, we wonder?

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