Seeds of discontent

By Victoria Khroundina | August 8, 2013

Last Sunday I was invited to do iftar (the Ramazan evening breakfast) with a very special community – part of a solidarity event being held for the farmers of Gümüşdere in their village on the Black Sea (beyond Sarıyer, on the European side of the Bosphorus, at the northernmost point...
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Not so sacred gardens

By Victoria Khroundina | July 31, 2013

The Yedikule saga continues. Although there has hardly been a peep out of Turkish media this week, some international proponents are expressing their concerns – good, they need to be heard. I went to check out what has been happening to the Yedikule bostans since the construction trucks rolled in,...
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The writing on the walls

The threat to Istanbul’s oldest gardens

By John Scott | July 21, 2013

There has been little international reporting on Istanbul this week. No news not good news. The assault on Turkey’s heritage is unrelenting. One report that did come out concerned the city’s famous Theodosian land walls, which we reported on last week. The article, by the New Yorker writer Elif Batuman, is...
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One park, two parties

High tables and low: the first iftar in Taksim

By Cornucopia Blog | July 10, 2013

Monday night saw dozens of members of Taksim Solidarity – that wicked band of senior militants (men and women, grey-haired academics and the like) – being wrestled into a police bus (rather more than wrestled in the case of one of them – it took four well-built men, one per...
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Heartbreak bostan

The ongoing destruction of Istanbul's cultural heritage

By John Scott | July 8, 2013

YEDİKULE YEDİKULE YEDİKULE!  Before reading this, fling open your window, fill your lungs with air and bellow 'Yedikule!' three times very fast. For anyone in earshot who ever called Istanbul home, it will bring a tear to the eye. Now sit down and brace yourself. This is yet another sad...
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The işkembe taste test pt.1

By Cornucopia TR | March 25, 2011

Ah, işkembe (not sure what it is? See Cornucopia 20). A true divider of people, between those who revel in its warming silkiness and efficacy as a hangover cure, and those who are horrified at the slippery texture and faint whiff of wet dog. Istanbul Arts Diary has its fair...
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In memoriam - Victor Ananias

By Cornucopia TR | March 17, 2011

Victor Ananias, the founder of Turkish organic association Buğday, died at the age of 40 on 2 March. Of mixed Chilean-Turkish parentage, he was born in Switzerland and grew up in Germany, before moving to Turkey with his family during his teens. Beginning in 1990 with a stall selling organic...
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