Inside story: Cappadocia

A journey through Turkish homes

By Lynn Gilbert | January 30, 2015

In our new blog series, the photographer Lynn Gilbert takes us on a journey through Turkish homes. In my wanderings down streets and alleyways in Cappadocia, I once chanced upon this 1876 landmark Greek house in Ürgüp (above image). Cappadocia is a World Heritage Site with many stone houses built...
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Inside story: Bursa

A journey through Turkish homes

By Lynn Gilbert | January 22, 2015

In our new blog series, the photographer Lynn Gilbert takes us on a journey through Turkish homes. The above image was taken in Bursa, in a small village filled with wood-framed houses, similar in design to early English architecture, characterised by a horizontal band of timber which divides the upper...
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Inside story: Safranbolu

A journey through Turkish homes

By Lynn Gilbert | January 16, 2015

In our new blog series, the photographer Lynn Gilbert takes us on a journey through Turkish homes. I took the above image inside a house in Safranbolu, a glorious old city that has fortunately been preserved as a World Heritage Site. The houses here are solid and substantial and look as though...
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Dreaming of Mardin

By Tara Alisbah | October 10, 2014

Four years ago, about four months after I’d arrived in Turkey, I went to Mardin for a slightly trumped up work visit. I was researching NGOs serving at-risk children and youth, and I could have gone to any city in Turkey, but Mardin had been calling to me ever since...
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‘Quick as boiled asparagus’

This month marks the bimillennial of the death of Augustus. David Barchard pays tribute to Rome’s sunny first emperor

By David Barchard | August 8, 2014

The Res Gestae Divi Augusti (The Works of the Divine Augustus) in the sadly neglected Temple of Augustus in Ankara (photographed by John Henry Haynes in 1884). THE ANNIVERSARY OF A COLOSSUS There are two classic images of Augustus from later ages. You may remember him as the grey, calculating, uncharismatic but inexorably...
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The seaside beckons

August adventures along the Turquoise Coast

By Victoria Khroundina | August 21, 2013

In August, when a blanket of heat covers most of western Turkey, many businesses close and everyone is eager to find some reprieve from the oppressive weather. Undoubtedly the best place for that is the seaside. Even though I have lived in Turkey for over six months, I have still...
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The Galata Tower joins the provisionals

By CORNUCOPIA BLOG | August 2, 2013

Turkey's Ministry of Culture and Tourism proudly announced this week that another group of landmarks has been added to the UNESCO temporary World Heritage list. Most prominently – the Galata Tower, seen here in a photograph by Fritz von der Schulenburg for the next Cornucopia. Originally built in 1348 to...
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Heartbreak bostan

The ongoing destruction of Istanbul's cultural heritage

By John Scott | July 8, 2013

YEDİKULE YEDİKULE YEDİKULE!  Before reading this, fling open your window, fill your lungs with air and bellow 'Yedikule!' three times very fast. For anyone in earshot who ever called Istanbul home, it will bring a tear to the eye. Now sit down and brace yourself. This is yet another sad...
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Bursa: a protected treasure

By Victoria Khroundina | May 15, 2013

A Silk Road city a hundred miles south of Istanbul, Bursa has salvaged enough of its fabled beauty to make it well worth exploring. The birthplace of the Ottoman Empire, it is the best place to get an Iskender kebap, even the inspiration for Turkish puppetry (the shadow play characters...
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