Dubai’s new art fair

World Art Dubai 2015

By Victoria Khroundina | November 20, 2014

Dubai is determined to prove itself as a cultural capital with a strong presence of visual arts in the region and on the world stage – and the introduction of a new art fair might steer it along in the right direction.

The inaugural World Art Dubai joins the established Art Dubai on the art calendar, the fairs taking place just one month apart. In a case very similar to what happened when ArtInternational came out of the woodworks last year and challenged veteran Contemporary Istanbul’s place as the city’s only art fair, we are anticipating to see how World Art Dubai competes alongside a fair considered to be one of the best in the world. Likewise, we wait with bated breath to see which Turkish galleries – with some experiencing difficulties and closures this year – will participate.

The focus of World Art Dubai is on affordable art, with galleries from 35 countries participating. The fair is setting itself apart by calling itself the ‘only accessible art fair in the region’, aiming to attract a wider audience that encompasses potential collectors and students, as well as the usual brackets of established collectors, curators and art lovers.

So far the list of participating galleries or artists has not been released but we do know that over 700 artworks spanning modern, contemporary and fine art will be on display. Traditional disciplines such as painting, photography and sculpture will be presented alongside installations, performances, mixed media, new media and – what seems to be the hottest form of contemporary art at the moment – street art.

The fair takes place April 8 to 11, 2015 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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