“Fade Away” - İrem Tok at Outlet Gallery

By Cornucopia TR | March 7, 2011

İrem Tok's first exhibition at Outlet Gallery is full of surprises, not all of which are necessarily pleasant. On entering this small space just off of Boğazkesen Caddesi, the first thing you are presented with is a submarine's periscope extending from the floor; this links the main space with a downstairs gallery in which a pair of animations, jointly entitled Tension, display the artist's own image. This contrasts the external and internal aspects of the individual, in a way inverting the periscope to allow those on the outside to look in. The main body of work, displayed on the ground floor, is comprised of sculpture and lenticular prints, which change as the viewer shifts position. The tone is rather dark. A toy parachutist is weighted down with a boulder; a plane flies towards a tightrope-walker; a pair of severed arms sporting boxing gloves (above) lie in the centre of the room. The general sense of physical danger seems appropriate to works described by the artist as based on "individual risks and decisions as well as on self-protection." Not always the easiest of exhibitons, certainly - but never boring. Once again Outlet, under the direction of Azra Tüzünoğlu, has succeeded in its aim of bringing innovative and challenging art to Istanbul in an independent setting.

Boğazkesen Cad., Kadirler Yok. no.69, Tophane. Entrance free. Until 5 March.

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