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Stop press: the unpublished last issue of NTVTarih

By Cornucopia Blog | July 13, 2013

The publishers of NTVTarih, the Turkish equivalent of the BBC History Magazine, pulled the plug on the magazine hours before the July issue was due to print two weeks ago.

The staff promised to make amends, and we have learnt from the pages of Hürriyet Daily News that the most celebrated issue of NTVTarih is now available in its entirety online, where it will surely be read by a hundred times the usual 35,000 aficionados.

A talented group of writers and historians had gathered around NTVTarih, and what they have produced is a valuable record of protest in Turkey. 

The magazine's culling by its owners, Doğuş, is not simply ridiculous. It is embarrassing, and you can understand why the BBC severed ties with NTV and why, in the larger scheme of things, the Turin Book Fair withdrew an invitation to Turkey to be guest of honour.

And in case you wondered why Doğuş should be behaving quite so childishly, think 'Galataport' – the redevelopment on the waterfront at Salıpazarı, at the entrance to the Bosphorus. Doğuş seem to have just snapped up the project for a mere 702 million dollars. Its rivals were offering 3 billion euros. 

Perhaps we are reading the wrong website, but it shows how useful it can be to be a 'media giant' in a democracy. Provided you don't have journalists saying the wrong things.

Well it's out of the bag now.

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