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Morning dawns on Taksim Square

By Cornucopia Blog | June 13, 2013

The civil movement has produced miles of fascinating documentary footage. Few art films made in Istanbul will ever compete with this vimeo, filmed from a remote-control toy helicopter at 5am the morning the police retook the square. The filmakers, bianet, wanted to 'send a message from the people to the government' by making a comprehensive record of slogans painted on the walls of the streets around the square. 

The helicopter was eventually shot down by a police officer's plastic bullet. By then, bianet was operating it from a cafe next to the AKM, the opera house on Taksim Square, where their table was surrounded by officers who were sitting around chatting but watching them closely. Needless to say they were pounced on when they attempted to pick up the pieces, but they survived to tell the tale – even if the camera didn't.
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