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Gallery Park Art is calling for submissions of art pieces for a mixed-media exhibition

By CORNUCOPIA BLOG | June 25, 2013

To document the protests currently taking place in Turkey, the Gallery Park Art in Kadıköy is calling for submissions of photography, paintings, illustrations and videos for a mixed-media exhibition. 

The aim of the exhibition, says the gallery's manager, Bahar Aykaç, is to be a ‘social remembrance’ of recent events and the creavity they have inspired. The idea came from the movement itself when, early last week, a group of protesters who had gathered at Yoğurtçu Park, on the Gallery's doorstep, cheered someone who yelled out that they should put on an exhibition. The seed was planted and Bahar and her partner at the gallery went into action. 

Submissions close soon and the exhibition will take place from July 5 for about a month. Send your submissions to info@parkartistanbul.com by June 28. 

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