Music is the key

By CORNUCOPIA BLOG | June 14, 2013

There has a been a philharmonic orchestra performance, ballet, a schoolgirl choir and of course the sounds of banging pots and pans. The latest addition to the list of Gezi Park protest performances is the German pianist David Martello's recital at Taksim Square. Huge crowds retook the square on June 12 (after police had come to clean it up the previous morning) to listen, sing along and enjoy a welcome break from the cloud of tear gas which usually envelops the area. 

Martello, who often surprises audiences with spontaneous performances (and has a website asking punters where he should play next), came to Istanbul especially to play for the demonstrators, where he was occasionally joined on stage by the Turkish musician Yiğit Özatalay.

According to one blog, Martello was back to play last night and was still playing at 10am this morning, despite the heavy rain. People gathered around to hold a tarp over him so he wouldn't get wet. The beautiful scenes at Gezi and Taksim keep on coming. 

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