Music is the key (cont.)

Gülsin Onay in Taksim Square

By Cornucopia Blog | June 15, 2013

‘You’re all there, the piano’s there, who’s going to keep me here?’ the great classical pianist Gülsin Onay tweeted from London yesterday. By midnight she had beamed herself up to David Martello's amazingly waterproof piano and piano stool, where she poured out Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to a packed – and appropriately moonlit – Taksim Square (photograph: Ayşe Emek).

A little improbably the grand would reappear, its blue lights still glowing, the next night when the assembled crowds in Taksim Square were asked to rehearse Armageddon. As phalanxes of Martians (speaking a language known to no Turk, it is reported) thudded back and forth past the piano accompanied by white Daleks barking 'ekestermin et, ekestermin et' as they fired an acidic solution from a nozzle on their heads, Mr Martello's car and trailer, neatly parked next to the piano, survived untouched by gas bomb or plastic bullet. Martello claims he drives his piano from venue to venue. The search is on for the new Dr Who, so call the BBC this instant, Mr Martello. You could also tap on the shoulder of the BBC correspondent covering the Gezi Park story. He seems to have time on his hands. He might as well do something useful.

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