One man standing

By Cornucopia Blog | June 18, 2013

Istanbul awoke this morning to a new chapter in the Gezi Park civil movement: Duran Adam (The Standing Man). For hours on end last night a single figure stood stock still in the middle of Taksim Square in front of the AKM opera house. No one noticed for an hour, and when they did, he was searched by police, still standing stock still. The new 'ultra-pasif' protest is spreading like wildfire across the country. According to a news report, the human statues finally step out of their shoes to avoid arrest and leave the shoes where they are as symbolic mementoes. One poor young Standing Woman in Taksim actually fainted after several hours. Arrests have apparently been made, but as Rumi said, ‘In Silence there is eloquence.’ (


An onlooker was concerned that he might suddenly do something and called the police.
He was soon joined by others.
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