Ottoman and Turkish Summer School

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | February 19, 2014

There's just over two weeks left to apply for the 18th annual Intensive Ottoman and Turkish Summer School, again taking place on beautiful Cunda Island (Alibey Adası). Run by the Ottoman Studies Foundation and sponsored by Koç University and the Turkish Cultural Foundation, the programme is open to anyone interested in continuing their study of Ottoman and Turkish for the purpose of academic research, with priority given to qualified doctoral students. Students will be taught to read and translate Ottoman Turkish texts in both manuscript and printed forms, and will also be able to develop skills in paleography. Styles covered include dîvânî, siyâkat and rık’a. The programme also provides tuition in Persian (including Persian and Arabic elements in Ottoman) and in Modern Turkish (conversation, reading and translation, differences between Ottoman and öztürkçe).

This year’s programme runs from July 7 to August 15. Applications close on March 7. Click here to download the application form which provides further information. 

Cunda Island, located just off the Ayvalık harbour, retains a village atmosphere and is easily navigated on foot. Some grand Greek houses are peppered around the village centre, but the atmosphere is very low-key and enchanting. Cunda is renowned for its wonderful fish restaurants along the quayside. Inside the village centre there are many quaint eateries serving delecious mezes and bars open well into the early hours. In Cornucopia No 41, Berrin Torolsan tells how she found inspiration for her book At Home in Turkey while visiting the ‘deliciously distressed house’ of antiquarian, Selden Emre. 

Main image shows the Sevgi-Doğan Gönül Ottoman Research Building, where classes are conducted. 

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