Painting the Black Sea black

By Cornucopia Blog | February 4, 2014

If the world press is to be believed, the Black Sea has become a cesspit of grubby speculation and political greed. Kiev speaks for itself. A horrendous nuclear power station project is steaming ahead on a well-known earthquake fault line on Turkey's Black Sea coast (the Japanese and Russians are involved – both well-versed in nuclear disasters; it doesn't seem to matter when it is someone else's country you are destroying). Last weekend the BBC quoted a Russian politician calling the Sochi games as 'a monstrous scam'. You can imagine the field day they would have had if Istanbul had won the Olympic Games. Sadly Olympics or no Olympics, it seems it's business as usual on Istanbul's own bit of the Black Sea. See the outrageous Deustche Welle report on plans to wreck Istanbul's northern Black Sea littoral. A second report appears today.

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