‘Pots and pans have the same old tune’

By Cornucopia Blog | June 7, 2013

The tinkle of spoon on cooking pan more reminiscent of a Buddhist temple than revolution was unwisely dismissed by the target of its wrath with the words 'Let me tell you something: pots and pans have the same old tune'. It instantly became the signature tune of Istanbul’s Resistance, accompanying marches tens of thousands strong across the nation, and rippling across the Bosphorus every evening at 9pm as lights flash on an off in the flats of those brave enough to stand up and be counted. Here the delightful Türkü Kardeşleri, an eclectic folk group from Boğazici University, has added a sprinkling of gentle joy with heavy seasoning of sorrow. 

 Sounds of Pots and Pans instantly went viral when it appeared on YouTube on June 6. As of June 9, the audience has risen to 1,179,214 and is rising fast. Please share it with friends.


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