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‘Connecting the Dots’ at the Pera Museum

By Tim Cornwell | September 8, 2013

Pera Museum is hosting selected works from the workshops of the 6th International Student Triennial in collaboration with Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts between August  6 and September 22, 2013.

It’s Yours if You Resist is a workshop of images of the Gezi protests by 14 fine art students. Most of the images, postcard size, hang on strings across the room, at eye level – an ‘in your face’ response. One wall shows agonizing black-and-white video montage of an injured man lying prone on the pavement. The photographs range from a simple shot of the Taksim metro stop, barricaded with wood and bars of metal, to a man clinging to a traffic light amid jets of water.


Bridges over the Bosphorus is an exploration of mobility and the 'suppression of sensation' in a multi-cultural city. The stand-out work is Building a New City, a ‘video tutorial’ by Can Kurucu. In this graphic animation, a bridge and motorway across a waterway resembling the Bosphorus lead to new buildings plastered across green space: skyscrapers, parking lots, factories are dropped down as though a video game, in a witty transformation. (see Pera Museum Blog.)

In Connecting the Dots on the Body, students of various art forms used the body as a tool to express sculptural ideas. In Tüketim (Consumption), by Ahyan Mutlu, bluebottles have settled on a man’s face. In Isimsiz (Untitled), by Derya Kazan, the photographs show a line of red peppers making a fringe along the smooth skin of a girl’s face. The images were striking, the message a little unclear.

Sharing Public Space: Istanbul Dogs documents a public -space project using stencils to draw attention to the right to life of street dogs in Istanbul. Simple, Banksy-like spray stencils of dogs appear alongside short messages, such as Children: Why are you afraid of Us? (Cocuklar: Neden Bizden Korkuyor?).

Main Illustration:Sharingh Public Space. Stencil design: Hazal Arslantaş, Doğukan Karapınar. Workshop leaders: Ahu Antme, Didem Dayı

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