Sweet harmonies on the Aegean

Ayvalık International Music Academy 2014

By Victoria Khroundina | May 9, 2014

There’s just one month left to apply for the 2014 Ayvalık International Music Academy (AIMA).

Founded in 1998 by Prof. Filiz Ali, one of the most dynamic of Turkey’s musicologists, AIMA has blossomed into a centre of musical excellence. As in every year, this year’s line-up of teachers is impressive.

First up is the Violin-Viola Masterclass taking place between July 1 and 8 and conducted by a bevvy of international soloists including the Austrian violinist Lukas David; two Ukranian violinists Andrej Bielow and Vladimir Mykytka; and two Turkish violinists Çiğdem İyicil and the Pelin Halkacı. Between July 16 and 22, the leading Greek guitarist Elena Papandreou will conduct the Guitar Masterclass. In August there are two masterclasses running at the same time (August 24–31): the Flute Masterclass will be conducted by the award-winning flutist Gülşen Tatu who graduated from the Izmir State Conservatory and the Clarinet Masterclass will be conducted by the internationally acclaimed soloist, chamber musician and jazz clarinetist Julian Milkis. One of Turkey’s greatest concert pianists Idil Biret will conduct the Piano Masterclass between September 2 and 9. Finally, the Violoncello Masterclass will take place between September 12 and 19 and be conducted by the renowned German cellist Maria Kliegel. The AIMA Music Festival will take place between July 8 and 10.

Classes take place at the AIMA retreat in the beautiful northern Aegean town of Ayvalık. The gorgeous seaside villa is definitely a perk for the young musicians that will be attending these masterclasses – there’s really no better way to spend the summer. In Cornucopia No 41, Berrin Torolsan tells how she found inspiration for her book At Home in Turkey while visiting the ‘deliciously distressed house’ of antiquarian, Selden Emre on the island of Cunda in Ayvalık.

Deadline for applications is June 10, 2014. Click here to download the application form.

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