The caravan is back

HALI’s return to Olympia

By Cornucopia | June 19, 2015

Very good to be trotting back to London’s HALI Fair. Well not quite the HALI Fair yet, but HALI at the Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair, a good start after 10 years’ absence, even if not quite the awesome cavernous hall of carpet fame of the early 2000s. Olympia’s all the richer for the elegant, entertaining mix. Subscribers should contact Julie Witford for complimentary tickets for two. Above is a detail of a delightful 19th-century Azeri Shadda rug from the Southern Caucasus exhibited by the German auctioneers Rippon Boswell. Cornucopia is there, at Stand 50 (next to the redoubtable Brian MacDonold), with a library full of books and back issues, including the rarest of the rare – a precious No 1 – so bring fistfuls of the wherewithal.

Neighbours include the excellent Iznik Classics, an essay in blue in white.

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