The iconic red dress photo, in Lego

By Cornucopia Blog | June 30, 2013

As seen on Twitter, although apparently there has been some mistake. The image that went viral had the hair going up, not across, as clearly illustrated in the proposed cover of the July issue of NTV Tarih, the popular history magazine published by the Doğuş group (circulation 35,000). The 3D artist Taha Altan was commissioned to produce the provocative image for their July 'Writing History as it is Lived' issue. Doğuş took the sensible course of suspending publication, but not before the cover hit facebook. It is unclear if the magazine has been closed down for good, but it seems that Neyyire Özkan has stepped down from her position as person responsible for the group's magazines, which include Turkish editions of the Condé Nast's Vogue, GQ, National Geographic and GQ. NTV Tarih's editor, Gürsel Göncü, who learnt that the magazine would not be printed the day it was being sent to press, insists that the magazine is apolitical. He has also resigned, and told Radikal newspaper that the contents of the issue will be made available online.

The outrageous cover of the July issue of NTV Tarih that never was.

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