This time last week, part 2

Café society, or just another day at the office

By CORNUCOPIA BLOG | June 22, 2013

When the going gets tough, the tough put on gas masks. This was certianly the scene when a group of journalists did what had to be done and donned gas masks to breathe through the tear gas and get those stories published. As we post this blog, a week after this image appeared on Facebook, Istiklal Caddesi is once again a cloud of tear gas as thousands gather with black carnations to remember the dead.

Quite why the handling of the Gezi Park process has been so fearsome has been a matter of speculation. In a meeting with protesting students this week, the PM apparently told them that he had been mağdur (disadvantaged) when he was their age, and now it was their turn. 

In a paper for the Centre of European Reform, Turkey’s Twitter generation is its European future, Heather Grabbe puts it down to the generation gap. 'The battles between police and protestors are part of a much bigger battle between "leader knows best" politics and modern social participation.' Grabbe urges the EU to 'hug Turkey closer at this great moment in Turkey’s democratic journey.'

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