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Dolmabahçe Mosque on the night of June 2

By Cornucopia Blog | June 9, 2013

Medical volunteers, including trainee doctors and nurses, attend wounded protesters on the floor of the 19th-century mosque – note that shoes have been respectfully removed. The night of Sunday June 2 saw some of the worst violence in Istanbul. This video includes disturbing scenes, but says much about camaraderie and the extraordinarily cool-headed calm that prevailed among the protesters. Once the authorities allowed the exhausted police to stop their assault, the violence ceased completely. One Cornucopia subscriber writes: 'I am in İstanbul and staying on Gümüşsuyu [the avenue that leads down from Taksim to Dolmabahçe]. Our area is closed to traffic and there are barricades made from the pavements' bricks everywhere. All night they march and sing till dawn and we actually have a broken pane on our front door, probably the only one on the avenue! Tons of graffiti everywhere.'



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