Turkey would be a poorer place...

By Cornucopia Blog | March 23, 2014

... for caricaturists!

Unthinkable, of course, but eventually someone will have to go. Sooner or later.

Will it happen in time to save the Belgrade Forest, the Bosphorus, any last precious corner of poor Istanbul? News came today that all the lovely old 1900s stations, large and small, are to be redeveloped. Will the Anatolian water table recover? What of the Mediterranean coastline, the national parks? Even Antalya's famous Köprülü Kanyon is to be developed. Everything of beauty in the country, from Hasankeyif to Phaselis, faces the slavering, jowelly jaws of ignorant sidekicks eager to munch it up.

There must be something vast to hide to go to the trouble of blocking Twitter, and to brave the ensuing mockery of the world (Google DNS has also gone down periodically as well and YouTube will surely be blocked soon), but one should not forget that there is even more to win. Clearly worth the gamble. It begs the more sinister question: what will they stop at to win?

If the seemingly impossible does happen, conservationists, art historians, lovers of nature and many others may sleep more easily. But pity the caricaturist: Turkey would definitely be a poorer place. 

A few innocent delights accessible through Aljazeera (but not Twitter).


If darkness was meant to descend on the Turkish ether, it didn't. There are endless ways round the ban on Twitter, as anyone under 35 knows.

For Luddites, Spanish Femen helpfully stepped in with advice on an alternative DNS. Immediately blocked of course, but there are others. Incidentally Turkish Femen is gathering steam. Hats off...

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