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10: Abstractions, Intimations, Ruminations

September 2, 2023 – December 2, 2023

İMALAT-HANE, Işıktepe, Kırmızı Cd. No: 1 D:3C, 16140 Işıktepe Osb/Nilüfer/Bursa, Türkiye

İMALAT-HANE’s new exhibition, ‘10: Abstractions, Intimations, Ruminations,’ curated by Duygu Demir, explores the creative journey of 11 artists over the past decade. It focuses on the years 2013-2023, marked by significant social and political changes, offering a critical examination from an artistic perspective. The exhibition highlights the artists’ use of Abstraction, Intimation, and Ruminations as methods to address these transformations and the evolving vocabulary of art. In essence, it provides insight into how these artists have perceived and responded to the events of the past ten years.

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Issue 65, 2022-2023 Roman Roads
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