Apostolos Georgiou

May 24, 2014 – July 12, 2014

The first solo exhibition at Rodeo of the renowned Greek painter Apostolos Georgiou, who wields his paintbrush with originality and humour.

Georgiou chooses to paint things left unspoken in life; abrupt outbursts from the inside take shape in the body of his heroes. Georgiou was born in 1950s Greece and grew up there, but the passions and obsessions of his heroes are not of the 1950s – they belong to the modern man and woman, who try to escape the anxieties of living, such as loneliness, pain and abandonment. The atmosphere of the paintings reminds us of films made by the Italian Neo-Realists.

The work is everything but grim; it has a lightness and a deep humour. The cartoony personas always find solutions in their acrobatic poses of convenience. Georgiou’s amazement for this world is curiously playful and has a boyish confidence, yet it is also feels fatalistic and natural. His characters are just like all of us.

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