Armenian Family: Stories and Lost Landscapes

Helen Sheehan

January 14, 2015 – February 8, 2015

The Irish photographer Helen Sheehan’s second exhibition in Turkey follows her show in May 2014, in which she showcased photographic sound pieces recorded inside the restored Armenian Church of St Giragos in Diyarbakır. In this exhibition, she traces the histories of Armenian families through photography, video, sound and documentary footage.

Sheehan’s interest in Armenia and its diaspora was triggered when she worked as a teacher at the Mechitarist Seminary School on the Armenian Island of St Lazzaro in Venice in the 1990s. Her interest was then re-awakened in 2009 when she decided to narrate the stories of Armenians both in Paris and London, where she was able to forge relationships with descendants of the exiles. By sheer coincidence, most of the families could trace their ancestors back to Diyarbakır, known to the community as ‘Digranagerd’. Others have connections to Marash, Zeytun and Van. Sheehan tries to connect with these families’ lost landscape and also attempts to engage with the people now living in these places.

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