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Black Album

Vahap Avşar

November 22, 2013 – January 4, 2014

Rampa Istanbul, Şair Nedim Caddesi No 20, Kat -2, Akaretler, Beşiktaş

Aptly named, Vahap Avşar’s latest exhibition deals with the darker side of humanity. War, dirty politics and power relationships all get a reworking, yet, the artist chooses to deal with these subjects in a rather implicit and quiet manner. Juxtaposing Avşar’s new and old works, the exhibitions aims to show a continuing thread in his practice that deals with issues of fluidity, permeability, and the contrast and clarity of black and white.

There are lots of striking works on show in various disciplines including photography, installation and painting. The above image shows the work ‘20th Century as We Knew It’ (2012), an installation of four life-sized head sculptures placed underneath four upside down columns. The heads belong to the artist, his mentor, German artist Joseph Beuys and French master painter Marcel Duchamp. By placing the heads this way, Avşar takes us on a tour in art history, commenting on the master–student relationship.

Meanwhile, the below work, ‘Shell’ from the ‘Explosion Paintings Series’ (2011), portrays a moment when an explosion takes place, when the silence is broken and when we are arrested in a condition of uncertainty about what’s to come next but are, at the same time, in awe of the current’s spectacular.

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