Contemporary Istanbul

October 5, 2021 – October 10, 2021

Launching the city’s autumn art season, Turkey’s leading art fair Contemporary Istanbul is back, and in terrific form (until Sunday, October 10). This is the first international art event since the city went into lockdown, the fair presents its 16th edition in the amazing waterside Tersane on the Golden Horn. Bre sure to get there early to avoid ginormous queues.

The contemporary art in juxtaposition with the historic Halic Shipyard and the Golden Horn district will shows one of Istanbul’s most important heritage sites and pay homage to Istanbul culture ancient and modern. Bales of straw provide thoroughly eco-friendly ringside view of life on the Horn. Somewhere on the opposite shore, up on the hill, is the house that features on the cover of the new issue.

Cornucopia is there, in the entrance hall, under the Ayşe Ekman lights, and quite unmissable. Next to the superlative bookshop Patika In the first warehouse you come to is the amazing work of the sculptor İlhan Koman (above) and the photographer Sıtkı Kösemen.

Visit the site for details on this year’s exhibitions.

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