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Devrim Erbil: New Pictures - New Touches

November 19, 2020 – February 21, 2021

Next Level Ziraat Bankası Çukurambar Art Gallery

Ziraat Bank Çukurambar Gallery is hosting an exhibition of Devrim Erbil’s latest works. Working from Bodrum during the quarantine period, Erbil experimented with his abstract landscape paintings by using new material surfaces and mediums such as carpets and print on metal, hence the exhibition title ‘New Pictures, New Touches.’ Curator Prof Dr Kıymet Giray described Erbil’s experiments with technique as an expression of his artistic approach developed throughout the years.

Erbil is one of the pioneers of Turkish painting, working specifically with urban and rural landscapes. Described as ‘one of the the greatest masters of Turkish painting’ by Turkish Cultural Foundation, Erbil uses abstraction in his paintings. He is a recipient of a number of awards, and was granted the title of ‘state artist’ in 1991. He was also among the founding members of several artist groups throughout his career, such as the Blue group which he founded in association with other pioneering artists Tülay Tura, Adnan Çöker, Altan Gürman and Sarkis.

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