Double Story

Gülçin Aksoy

February 27, 2014 – April 13, 2014

The Turkish artist Gülçin Aksoy has developed a visual language that aims to reveal commonplace ideological constructs and power mechanisms ingrained in daily life.

The trauma caused by the 1980 military coup on the artist’s family and the changes to the city of Samsun – where Aksoy was born and raised – are central points of the exhibition. The framework expands from this to cover issues such as post-80s urbanisation and acceleration of urban transformation. Videos, photographs, carpets, paintings and installations investigate the military regime, the symbols of the nation state and institutional hierarchies through Aksoy’s own experiences.

Works are priced from TL1,000–3,000. Contact the artist directly on

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Issue 58, Anatolia’s Far Pavilion
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