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Etel Adnan: Impossible Homecoming

April 6, 2021 – August 8, 2021

A retrospective exhibition of Etel Adnan, the Lebanese-born artist, activist, and poet whose life spanned nearly a century. The daughter of a Smyrian Greek mother and a Damascene Ottoman officer, the artist was born in Beirut in 1925 to a multilingual, multi-faith and multi-cultural family and region, and her works reflect the traces of this rich identity. Etel Adnan was never indifferent to the wars and political-social upheavals that beset her life, which found their way into the works she created, be they written or painted, or at times both. Curated by Serhan Ada and Simone Fattal, the exhibition includes ceramics, carpets, leporellos, oil paintings, drawings, prints, and a film by the artist who “has mastered more than one medium.” Visitors can also listen to recorded interviews made with the artist at various points in her life.

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