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From a Friend’s Drawer

Cihat Burak

April 9, 2019 – August 31, 2019

Bozlu Art Project Şişli, Mongeri Binası, Dr. Şevket Bey Sokak No:5, Şişli, Istanbul

Bozlu Art Project has on display newly-uncovered drawings of Cihat Burak, one of the most unique and extraordinary figures in Turkish painting. Found in a drawer in the museum-like home of Mengü Ertel, known for his friendships with artists, as well as successful artworks in various fields ranging from graphic design to posters and theatre sets, these drawings also serve as a memorial for these two artists, both of whom are no longer in this world, and as an embodiment of the genuine, unselfish and amicable relationships of the time. This exhibition by Esma Ertel and Oğuz Erten seeks to highlight the importance of interdisciplinary relations in painting, literature, music and cinema, and Oğuz Erten is writing the book to accompany the exhibit. The exhibition comprising near eighty artworks of Cihat Burak’s also involves quotes from his short stories and sound installations prepared by Mengü Ertel’s son and founder of BaBa ZuLa Murat Ertel and his wife Esma Ertel. A surprise mini-concert also awaits art lovers on the opening night.

The drawings that have been brought back to life in this exhibit are but witnesses of that period. Burak’s rich inner world, his dreams and memories, the sounds of galleons, cats’ meows, chats around tavern tables, the laughter and whisperings of two friends all echo in viewers’ ears in their presence.

Curated by Esma Ertel and Oğuz Erten, with sound installations by BaBa ZuLa founder Murat Ertel, “From a Friend’s Drawer” which contains almost eighty drawings by Cihat Burak may be seen at Bozlu Art Project’s Mongeri Building until August 31st.

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