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In the footsteps of Gertrude Bell

A lecture by Pat Yale

February 8, 2016
18.00 for an 18.30 start
Entry is free of charge, but please e-mail Naciye O’Reilly at if you would like to attend.

Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI), 50 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 5BT

The travel writer Pat Yale will give a lecture on her experience following Gertrude Bell’s pre-First World War travels around Turkey. Although Bell, an explorer, archaeologist and writer, is best known for her travels in Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, she spent a lot of time in what is now Turkey as a young woman.

Yale, the winner of Cornucopia and Hali’s 2015 Ancient & Modern Prize, set out to retrace her steps round the country, a journey that took her from a wonderful English garden in İzmir to the new world heritage site gardens of Diyarbakır, and from the forgotten ruins of Blaundos to the battered remnants of ancient Dara, near Mardin. Along the way she met one of the last Jews of Antakya and some of the last Syrian Orthodox monks of the Tur Abdin as well as many unfortunate Syrian refugees. As the security situation in the southeast of the country started to unravel the journey turned into a real adventure.

The lecture is being organised by the Anglo Turkish Society.

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