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Intersection V

October 24, 2013 – November 23, 2013

x-ist, Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mah. Mumhane Cd., No:50, K:2 34425 Beyoğlu

x-ist’s ‘Intersection’ series aims to showcase the works of young, emerging artists. For its fifth edition, the spotlight is on Engin Konuklu and Burçin Başar.

Izmir-born Konuklu aims to take the audience on a journey through their own memories via nostalgic imagery. His paintings – reminiscent of thriller movies or old family photos – and sometimes blurry and obscure, whilst at other times, look hyper-realist, and are composed of only a few brush strokes. With his characters and style that refer to certain eras, Konuklu is interested in the transformation of a nostalgic frame into a documentary one. For him, all the characters are anonymous – what’s important for the artist is being able to transfer the perceived feeling onto the canvas, almost like a photograph.

Istanbul-born Başar brings together reality and fantasy in her work. The traces of a sunken city, an obscure figure reflected on the moss, a few belongings left outdoors. Her paintings look peaceful at first, but in fact, contain many mysterious hidden details. In the fantastic world Başar paints, everything (the heavens and the earth, fact and fantasy, indoors and outdoors) is intertwined – and Başar’s scenes are an attempt to get create some sort of harmony between them.

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