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Is this our last chance?

November 26, 2016 – December 3, 2016
Various times
Free entry

SALT Galata, Bankalar Caddesi No. 11, Karaköy

This is the second film programme of the same name organised by SALT. The first coincided with the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21), while this one follows on the heels of the 2016 Marrakech Climate Change Conference (COP22).

Nine documentaries that explore environmental issues related to climate change will be screened. The aim of the programme is to question the responsibilities of museums and cultural institutions in the face of the devastating effects of climate change, some of which are documented in these eye-opening films.

Umut Vedat’s 2015 film Dark Atlas (Kara Atlas), screening on Friday, December 2 at 7pm, documents Turkey’s coal crisis – coal-fired power plants continue to sprout up with little consideration for the environmental implications (for example, coal is considered the biggest threat to olive growers in Turkey, as Jennifer Hattam reported on the blog).

Another film with indirect links to Turkey is Sandy McLeod’s 2013 documentary Seeds of Time, which follows the agriculture pioneer Cary Fowler in her attempts to save seeds and preserve genetic diversity. Dwindling seed reserves and the disappearance of certain varieties is a problem that plagues Turkey as well as countries all over the world. The documentary will screen on Saturday, December 3 at 3pm.

Click here to see the full screening programme. All documentaries will be shown in English or with English subtitles.

If you have an interest in climate change, we also recommend stopping by Borusan Contemporary to see the exhibition Aqua Shock. Edward Burtynsky’s photographs explore humanity’s increasingly stressed relationship with the world’s most vital natural resource: water.

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