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‘It was full of mulberry trees here’

The Regime of Accumulation by Deagriculturalization in Turkey

September 3, 2013
To get there, take the 80T bus from Taksim to Yedikule or (even faster), the tram to Pazartekke and a taxi from the Holiday Inn to Belgrad Kapısı.

Yedikule gardens, Hacı Piri Sokak, Belgrad Kilisesi Bostanı, Fatih

A seminar conducted by Assistant Professor Emrah Altınok of the Istanbul Bilgi University’s Faculty of Architecture will closely examine the effects of deagriculturalisation in Turkey, using the Küçükçekmece water basin as one case study.

This is another event organised by the energetic lobby group, Yedikule Bostanları – comprising of environmentalists, archaeologists, architects, politicians and lawyers – which was set up to protect the 1600-year old bostans (gardens) surrounding the land walls of the Old City in Yedikule that are currently being threatened by development.

The seminar will be conducted in Turkish with English translation.

The garden is located behind the Belgrade Church. Enter through the Belgrade Gate entrance to the Old City and walk straight. In 300 metres, you will reach the Belgrade Church and behind it will be the garden. To enter the garden, keep walking a few more metres and you will reach a street called Küçük Efendi Sokak. Turn right and then turn right again at the first street called Haci Piri Sokak. A few more metres down will be the entrance.

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