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Kiss Me

February 19, 2014 – March 28, 2014

Rose Issa Projects, 51 Clanricarde Gardens, London W2 4JN

This will be the third solo show in London for Iranian artist Parastou Forouhar, whose latest body of work, Kiss Me, is a series of textile banners. Pieces are for sale and prices start from £1,500. Please enquire directly with the gallery if you are interested in specific pieces.

Forouhar first gained an international following for her work, Written Room, in which she painted vast spaces with mesmerising, rhythmic, invented script. She later became known for her digital drawings, intricate and seemingly whimsical works that, on closer inspection, reveal macabre scenes of violence and torture. These works were a cathartic response to dramatic personal experiences: her parents, well-known intellectuals and leading political figures, were murdered in Tehran in 1998 in a case that remains unsolved to this day.

Though Kiss Me can be interpreted as the artist’s gesture of reconciliation towards the past and an attempt to quell current tensions with an uplifting message of affection and harmony, it is also subversive: the title of the exhibition takes its inspiration from ‘Mara Beboos’, a song which became a hit in 1953, when Iran’s short period of democracy under Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh came to an end with a military coup. By referencing this song, Forouhar is not only enveloping her past and future in a warm embrace, but referencing the glory days of a secular regime.

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