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Mixer Presents: Art on Screen

June 26, 2020 – August 15, 2020
Online access worldwide

Mixer Art Gallery presents a video exhibition series titled Art on Screen, bringing together 12 artists from Turkey and around the world. The exhibition aims to form a part of the Gallery’s artistic response to the recent world events while underscoring the impact they will have on our daily experience. Read about the details of the exhibition from the press release below.

We cannot stay away from our screens. This digital addiction, based on the economy of attention (Davenport, 2001), has turned into a system in which different platforms that are producing contents are built to attract the attention of individuals and provide an economic return. The time spent on the screens has been the most important success factor within this economic model. (Ertemel, Aydın, 2018) On the other hand, people who have recently been quarantined in their houses as a result of Covid-19 pandemy, spend their days in front of their computers while working or helping their children have online classes, attending to online concerts, theaters or yoga classes in their spare time. We open our eyes to a screen and the last thing we see before we go to sleep is the screens.

The artists who use different tools to express themselves have been using digital materials since the 1960s and produce works that can reach us through our screens. ‘Good morning Mr. Orwell’ by Nam June Paik, a simultaneous TV broadcast in New York (WNET TV) and Paris (Center Pompidou) on the New Year’s Eve of 1984 reached 25 million viewers in the whole world. Many artists like John Cage, Joseph Beuys, Allen Ginsberg, and Merce Cunningham performed in this program which was presented by George Plimpton. In the TV Garden work (1974-1977), Paik dreamed of a future in which technology was a part of natural life. When we look at our lives today, we see that technology and screens are now an inseparable part of our lives.

As a contemporary art platform Mixer, who is organizing exhibitions focusing on different concepts and production techniques, was planning to start a video exhibition series in June. We decided to create a new content that reflects this period and the works that are produced on computer and specifically produced for the screens. The exhibition invites six artists from Turkey and six foreign artists they each invite. This project aims to be a collaboration worldwide and will be the voice of 2020.

Artists: Balkan Karışman-Maotik, Can Büyükberber-TrUDY ELMORE, Ozan Türkkan - Claudia Larcher, Meltem Şahin-George Wylesol, Raw-KUFLEX, Sırma Doruk-Julie Nymann

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