Norair Chahinian – The Power of Emptiness

April 24, 2015 – May 31, 2015

Known for its rich, socially and politically-minded exhibitions, DEPO commemorates the centenary of the Armenian Genocide with an exhibition of photographs by the Brazil-born, Armenian photographer Norair Chahinian.

Chahinian’s photographs affect audiences in a number of ways. First, they present an account of life in Anatolia ‘from the outside’, captured by someone who did not grow up there and has come over from across the world. But more importantly, they depict a place ‘from within’; from the eyes of an Armenian returning to his roots. The series is an attempt to come to terms with the impossibilities embodied at the heart of his return, a kind of witnessing. The photographs not only tell the story of a fourth-generation Armenian whose family was forcefully banished from their land, but also express a universal quest. By going back to his roots, Chahinian treads on a more worldly ground.

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Issue 58, Anatolia’s Far Pavilion
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