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One and the Many

September 6, 2016 – November 13, 2016

SALT Galata, Bankalar Caddesi No. 11, Karaköy

This is a research-based exhibition exploring the production and distribution of things. While looking at the period of 1955–1995 in Turkey, the exhibition mainly focuses on selected artefacts common to the 1980s, a period when industrial products met a voluminous consumer market for the first time.

Following a shift from mixed to liberal economy in the mid-1980s, producers in Turkey could trade in foreign currencies without ultimate supervision by the state. This economic novelty complemented the infrastructure of industrialisation, which had been championed since the 1950s by the private sector. It allowed the state to create a plan to develop local industries with the aim of providing for international customers in competition. The booming economy translated itself into a variety of goods, forming a visibly and materially globalised Turkey, clustered in the country’s larger cities.

The show is structured around the notion of ‘genuine copies’. Questioning our standard expectation of ingenuity versus the opportunity of building atop each other’s ideas, it suggests a fresh perspective into the history of production in Turkey. From the early-day assembly industry, to today’s abundant copyright infringing replicas, copies have been scrutinised from both economic and intellectual viewpoints. One and the Many invites users to value things per se, recognise the ingenuity prompted by circumstances and appreciate copying as a method of learning.

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