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February 15, 2022 – April 24, 2022

SALT Galata, Bankalar Caddesi 11, Karaköy, Istanbul

The last of SALT’s The Sequential program, Aykan Safoğlu draws on notions of indebtedness and asset borrowed from economics and looks at the reverberations of these terms in his own life story. A prevalent motif in the background of the exhibition is the building that once served as Düyûn-ı Umûmiye [Public Debt Administration], overseeing the internal and external debts of the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth century and later, in 1933, transformed into Istanbul Erkek Lisesi [Istanbul High School].

The sporadic narrative he builds between the past and the future weaves personal and social memories together through the images that disperse, are reassembled, and resonate. 

Recess looks at the feeling of “emotional debt” that has developed in Safoğlu regarding structures that are indicators of power and authority from various perspectives; the artist's practice, on the other hand, is concerned with breaking strict rules and structures.

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Issue 64, 2022 30th Anniversary Issue
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