Ritmo Zeytino X Dirimart

July 8, 2021 – September 18, 2021

Dirimart is pleased to present its debut in Bodrum Yalıkavak. This picturesque location with a rich artistic history is the ideal local for such an exhibition. Dirimart, the gastronomy project Ritmo Zeytino, invites visitors to enjoy their weekly updated farm-to-table gastronomic experience three times a week. The dining experience is complimented by carefully selected music, to cater to all the guests senses. Dirimart organizes five presentations, on display for two weeks each. This began on July 8th 2021 and shall carry on through September 18th of the same year.

Doors are open Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 17:00 until 22:00.

Dirimart’s initial project in Bodrum is 6 Gold-Drawn Stained Glasses series by Sarkis. This artist is world renowned, bringing much attention to İstanbul’s art scene with his exhibitions and installations. He works with an array of mediums and weaves them together via various techniques to create something entirely unique and personal. His current exhibition consists of six stained glass works. These shattered photographs of Istanbul, pieced back together with gold, represent the traces that this city and its buildings leave upon all who experience it. Sarkis’ 6 Gold-Drawn Stained Glasses series was on display from July 8th until the 17th.

Berke Yazıcıoğlu’s visually interprets the 11 movements of Rite of Spring through intricately woven tapestry. The artist draws inspiration from the deliciously dissonant piece’s tones, rythems and structure and displays them in his tapestries. The passage from winter to spring conveyed strikingly in Stravinsky’s ballet is reflected in his work. The complexity of the patterns woven together, mirroring an orchestra.

Ayşe Erkmen, uses the social and physical environment as a point from which to leap into her incredibly space-oriented and organic works. Glassworks originally constructed and exhibited in France, 2015, explores the manifestation and transformative force that light can have on the mood, tone and atmosphere of a physical environment. The series will be displayed for the first time in Turkey in Ritmo Zeytino.

Glassworks will be exhibited from August 5th until August 21.

Ritmo Zeytino X Dirimart

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