Sabrina Fresko: Sculptures to Wear with Pebbles

June 7, 2013 – June 21, 2013
Admission free

The latest exhibition by Istanbul-born and based designer, Sabrina Fresko, is on for two weeks at Alba Gallery.

Sabrina Fresko started her career as an architect and an interior designer (which she still is), and moved into jewellery design in 1995. She considers the body to be an exhibition space, and creates modern and functional designs that she calls ‘Sculptures to Wear’.

Her latest collection, ‘Sculptures to Wear with Pebbles’, is a variation of this theme – contemporary, elegant pieces which combine the form of sculptures with pebbles that she has collected from the Assos coastline over the past 20 years.

‘I view the pebbles I collect as precious stones. Over thousands of years, the pebbles are shaped in million ways by the lava from the volcanoes, the movement of the earthquakes, and the waves that stroke and sometimes hurl them against the rocks. All the forces of nature are reflected in one small pebble. When you wear them, the sculpture becomes a part of you…and this is a unique experience,’ she says.

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